Red bow t-bar court shoes from Schuh

Schuh red bow t-bar shoesI wasn’t actually going to show you these shoes because I want them all for myself they’re pretty similar to the red “Prince” platforms I featured a few months ago, but then, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t jump at the chance to write about a pair of red shoes with a bow on the toe, would I?

In my defence, these are a little different: they’re suede rather than leather, they’re t-bars rather than ankle straps, the bow is on the toe, rather than on the strap… actually, when you put it that way, it almost seems like you should buy them BOTH, doesn’t it?

(I’m kidding)


Don’t like bright red? These are also available in black, and the good news is that the black version is reduced to £48, compared to the £68 you’ll pay for the red. Click here to buy them.


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