Ravel ‘Keegan’ burgundy peep toes with leopard platform

Ravel Keegan

Ravel ‘Keegan’ court shoes, £69.99

I’m sure that none of you need me to tell you that burgundy/wine/whatever you like to call it is one of the “hot” colours of this winter. Now, I’ll be honest: it’s never been my favourite shade of red, being a little too dark for my tastes. There’s no denying that it is a very winter-appropriate colour, though, and, whether it’s fashionable or not, it’s always been a shade that makes me think of Christmas, so I guess it’s appropriate that I show you these Ravel shoes  just a few days before that particular holiday!

As well as the on-trend colour, these also have a contrasting animal-print platform and thick gold heel. Despite the three different colours/patterns, however, the overall effect is still very streamlined, and not as “busy” as it sounds. In fact, the more I look at these, the more I start to like burgandy – I guess the £69.99 price tag doesn’t hurt, either!

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