Primark Spring/Summer 2015 Preview

Primark Spring Summer 2015 preview

Of all the Spring/Summer previews that start to come out at this time of year, the Primark preview is the one I look forward to most. Runway shows, and their associated images, are all well and good, and they help give us some idea of what the upcoming season will look like, trend-wise. It’s stores like Primark, however, that those trends filter down to, and it’s also stores like Primark (and other high street retailers) that most people actually shop at, so if you want to know what people will REALLY be wearing this summer, the gallery below might give you some insight.

Unfortunately, that same gallery might also give you heart palpitations if, like me, you happen to be a fan of high heels, and the so-called “ladylike” styles which I tend to feature on this site. I’m sure we’ll continue to see those styles in stores this summer (I hope so, anyway…), but one thing we can take from this preview is that the tend for Birkenstock-style sandals looks set to continue.

I talked a bit about this last year, but while I realise this style of shoe is comfortable to wear, and a breath of fresh air for those who DON’T like stilettos heels or pointed toes, it’s just not a look I can ever see myself adopting: and not just because if I wanted to wear shoes like these, I’d have to radically change my wardrobe, too, in order to get away with it!

Anyway, enough about me: take a look at the  gallery below, and tell me what you think of Primark’s summer collection!

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