Primark mint suede-effect wedge pumps

mint green wedge shoe

I really had no business being in Primark last week. I am, as I’ve mentioned, currently on a shopping ban, and I was also running late for an appointment, which is why I only managed to snap this one quick shoe shot. Well, that and the fact that I was getting some REALLY strange looks from other shoppers/staff, so I decided I should probably leave before I was asked to…

Before I did, however, I managed to get this single photo of a mint shoe. I don’t normally like the high street’s attempts to do the Alexander McQueen/Giuseppe Zanotti wedge shape, but this one was the exception: not just because of the colour, but because the very curved heel gives them a much more delicate shape than many of the platform wedges that are around at the moment. They’re not TOO far removed from being “regular” heels, but the wedge should be a little easier to balance on (I know it doesn’t look it, but my experience of this kind of style is that it doesn’t feel any different to walk in than a normal wedge), and it’s also that bit more interesting.

I was in so much of a hurry I forgot to check the price of these, but as this is Primark we’re talking about, I can confidently predict that they won’t exactly break the bank:  I’m going to guess they’re probably somewhere in the £12 – £15 range. They’re not available online, though, unfortunately: part of me wishes Primark would just launch a transactional website already, and part of me is glad they haven’t – it would just be too much temptation!

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