Prada flower strap peep toes- Resort 2010

Prada Resort 2010
Prada Resort 2010

Don’t you just hate it when this happens? I spotted these shoes on a banner at Neiman Marcus, advertising the arrival of their Prada Resort collection. Click through, though, and are these shoes available to buy? Nope. Or not yet, anyway. Not that this matters much to me, because I’m guessing the price would put them out of my range anyway, but I’d still have liked to see what it was.

These look a little alarming at first glance, but actually looked really pretty on the runway, so I think they’d be worth a second look, ideally in person.

If you like them, keep an eye on Neiman Marcus – they should be arriving there soon.


  • I actually found these shoes at a consignment store and tried them on. They were not only pretty and comfortable but my size…and marked down to $100! They are amazing!!!

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