Pour la Victoire ‘Mai’ wedge pumps

Pour la Victoire 'Mai' wedges

In my ongoing search for nude wedges, one of the shoes I’ve been admiring recently is Pour la Victoire’s ‘Mai’ pumps. The ‘sand’ version of these is a little darker than I’d ideally like, but these do come in a range of other fabulous colours, including bright blue, coral, and fashionable neon yellow:

Pour la Victoire 'Mai' wedge

Pour la Victoire 'Mai' wedge

Pour la Victoire 'Mai' wedge

Of all of these, the blue is my favourite, although I suspect the “sand”, pictured at the very bottom, is the one I’d find myself wearing most often: I love brilliantly coloured shoes, but it’s always the “boring” ones I end up wearing most often!

Pour la Victoire ‘Mai’ wedge, $250: click here to buy them at Shopbop.


  • I’m also on the hunt for nude wedges! My sister is getting married in August and I need shoes to go with my sky blue dress. It’s a garden wedding, so they need to be wedges so I don’t sink into the grass. And I want to go for nude so that I can wear them again.

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