Polka dot peep-toe platforms with bow from Marks & Spencer Limited Collection

Here’s yet another piece of evidence that I REALLY need to pay more attention to the shoe section at Marks & Spencer: they somehow managed to sneak these cute-as-pie little shoes in under my radar without triggering the “polka dot peep toes” alarm that goes off here at Shoeper Towers every time something that looks even remotely like this comes into stock somewhere. I must be losing my touch.

Anyway, these are a bargain at £29.50, are the perfect, fun accessory for many a summer outfit, and could possibly even make the Ruby Shoesday cut, too. My mouse has been hovering over the “Buy” button ever since I saw them…

P.S. They also come in black and white. And half-sizes. And while I’m not really one to advocate the “matchy-matchy” approach to shoes and handbags:



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