Pointed toe pumps x3

The pointed toe trend continues, and while no one is happier than I am to see that the look will be sticking around for Fall/Winter, there’s also no denying that one pair of pointed toe pumps can start to look a lot like the next one after a while. These are, after all, essentially just variations on the same shoe: yes, the shapes are all subtly (and sometimes not-so-subtly) different, but it’s really the use of colour and texture that makes one pair “different” from the next… and also makes me want to keep on buying them. Well, until you have a pair in EVERY colour, you can’t really consider your collection complete, can you?

Here are three pairs of pointed toe pumps that caught my eye this week, starting off with these ones from River Island:

gold pointed toe pumps from River Island

Gold textured court shoes, £45

These shoes went right onto my wish list the minute I saw them. I talk a lot about gold as my preferred “neutral”, but this season I’ve been re-discovering just how much I love it. On my recent vacation, for instance, I could quite easily have gotten away with packing just one pair of shoes, as long as they were gold, and while “nude” is just as versatile, I find it’s not quite as dressy, or as “special”, which is why gold wins every time. These pumps are total classics, and will dress up anything you care to wear them with. They’re also very reasonably priced at £45, which is another big point in their favour.

pale blue court shoes with high heel and pointed toe

pale blue court shoes, £49.99

Zara’s new collection is starting to appear on the website, so I’ve been finding myself returning there even more often than I usually do lately, to check out the new arrivals. These leather pumps are £49.99, and are also available in orange and tan, but it’s this baby blue version that’s managed to win my heart. I’ve wanted a pair of shoes in this particular shade of blue for a long time now, and these ones are perfect. The pastel blue shade is fairly unusual in shoes, but so pretty and summery that it’ll be a perfect compliment to many of the season’s clothes and, again, the price is pretty good, especially considering that these have real leather uppers.

Office Razzle red suede pointed toe pumps

red suede pointed toe pumps, £55

Finally, Office’s ‘Razzle’ court shoes are basically THE perfect red pumps. This is another style I consider to be a shoe closet essential, but it’s surprisingly difficult to find a pair that are exactly the right shade of red. It’s always hard to know for sure from a photo, but these look spot-on to me, and if I could only have taken TWO pairs with me on vacation, and the first pair were gold, I think the second pair would’ve definitely been red: such a great colour, which makes even a dull outfit seem suddenly much more interesting!

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  • Hello, I’ve been searching Zara’s website for the pale blue court shoes @ £49.99 you spoke about but can’t find them at all. Are they just in the London stores?

    Kind regards. Helen

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