Poetic Licence ‘You Rebel’ turquoise ballet flats

turquoise ballet flats turquoise ballet flats with bow

Poetic Licence ‘You Rebel’ flats, £39.99

It’s a really good time to be a fan of flats right now. I mean, there are ALWAYS plenty of ballet flats around, true, but not many of them are turquoise. Or have a rainbow striped bow on the front. Am I right?

These ones do, however. They’re by Queens of Quirk, Poetic Licence, and they’re currently down to £39.99 from the original £49.99 at Spartoo. It’s only a saving of £10, sure, but every little helps.

For me, the colour is the best thing about these shoes: I’ve always loved turquoise in general, and it’s unusual enough on shoes that when I find it, I always think it deserves a closer look, if not a purchase. In this case, the closer look reveals a nicely-shaped upper, with the short, pointed toe I’m such a fan of right now. Although pointed toes have become very much the norm in heeled shoes, they’re still not quite as prevalent in the world of flats, where the traditional, rounded ballerina toe still reigns supreme. This is a shame, because I think a pointed toe works particularly well on a flat shoe, helping to elongate the leg slightly. (As someone with short legs, which look even shorter in flat shoes, this detail is particularly important to me!)

They may not be AS common as round toes, however, but we are definitely starting to see more of them, and these are one example. They also have a two-tone upper, the aforementioned bow, and, as a nice little extra touch, a polka dot insole.

The colours used in these makes them feel a little more summer than winter-appropriate to me, but I’m sure you could make them work at any time of year, and if not, there’s always next summer!

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