Pink t-bar peep toes from River Island

pink river island t-bar shoes

Oh, I do love a nice t-bar. And, as of this month, I suddenly love pink. This was an unexpected development for me, because I’ve never been a “pink” girl, but right now, I just can’t get enough of it, especially when it comes in very pale, shimmery hues, like these River Island shoes.

This shade is almost pale enough to be skin-toned on me (Er, not that I have pearlescent skin, you understand…) so I also like the fact that these would work as a neutral on me, as well as tying in nicely with my current obsession with pastels. They’re possibly a little bridal for everyday wear, but hey, when has that ever stopped me before?

These are £70 at River Island: click here to buy them.


    • Is it really worth mentioning? I mean there are plenty of sites out there that write about other types of shoes, this site almost exclusively focuses on the higher variety and I don’t see that changing any time soon.

      • Nah, there are platforms and then there are SUPER platforms. I feel like the slant toward the latter is actually fairly recent. I just read through all of the shoeper-archives since discovering the site a few weeks ago 🙂

        • It’s because there are a lot of them around at the moment, and those were the shoes that stood out to me that day for whatever reason. The day before, there were three pairs of non-platforms in a row. Some days there are lots of pink shoes, or blue shoes or red shoes. Does it really matter?

          It’s also worth bearing in mind that the older posts you’ve been reading in the archives are exactly that: old. Fashion changes constantly, and any site about fashion reflects that – I can’t keep writing about shoe styles which were popular three years ago. If you’re going to compare old content to new content, then yes, you will notice a change.

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