Shoeper Shoesday | Four pairs of pink shoes

pink Mary Jane high heels

ASOS ‘Prima’ Mary Jane high heels

I almost bought these shoes last week. I’m not really sure why, because I’ve long since learned that brightly coloured shoes (and these look WAY brighter in the catwalk video than they do in this photo) are the kind of thing I buy and love… but don’t actually wear. They’re just so pretty, though, and so affordable, at just £30, that the temptation was strong – so I’m relying on all of my fellow ShoeperWomen to snap them up, and remove the temptation!

Gucci metallic pink sandals

Gucci metallic pink sandals

These ones, meanwhile, were never going to pose a serious threat to my bank balance – purely because, at £485, they’re definitely not within my budget. (That’s why sites like ASOS are so lethal, isn’t it? The prices are low enough for you to convince yourself you can afford them: but then all of those totally affordable purchases sure have a way of adding up, don’t they?

black and pink stripe bow shoes

Moschino pink and black stripe bow shoes

Sticking with the pink theme, these Moschino pumps mix the hottest of hot pinks with a thick black stripe, to create a really bold look – all topped off with an oversized bow. These are on sale for £139, and there are still a few sizes left in stock, so you might just get lucky!

Kate Spade hot pink bow shoes

Kate Spade ‘Izzie’ heels

I’m pretty sure I’ve featured these shoes here before, but I just noticed they’ve gone on sale at, and are now down to $212.99. Whether that’s a bargain or not is up to you to decide, but I for one love the little bow detail on the heel, which combined with the vibrant colour, help to totally transform an otherwise simple sandal. Despite everything I’ve just said about brightly coloured shoes, I can definitely see myself wearing these – maybe with something like a pink and white floral dress or skirt. So, if I find one of those, I have to buy the shoes: that’s how it works, right? Right?

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