Pink Pom Pom Shoes from River Island

pom pom shoes from River Island

Pink pom pom shoes from River Island, £70

According to the River Island website, we’re in a “pom pom frenzy” this season. Well, I’m not sure about that (and I hope they’re just speaking for themselves there…), but I have noticed an increase in the number of pairs of pom pom shoes I’ve been spotting during my shoe-browsing sessions, and you’ve probably noticed an increase in the number of pom pom shoes I’ve been featuring here at, too. So maybe River Island are right -maybe there IS a pom pom frenzy going on right now. Maybe pom poms are taking over the world? Because it’s not just pom pom shoes I’ve been noticing either. River Island themselves, for instance, are also selling these pom pom gloves:

pom pom gloves

There’s a pom pom hat:

pom pom hat

There’s a ton of pom pom keyrings:

pom pom keyring

(OK, so maybe not quite a “ton”, exactly. A lot, though.)

And that’s just the tip of the pom pom iceberg. And now I’ve written the words “pom pom” so many times I’m starting to question if it’s even real. Back to the pom pom shoes…

The pair at the top of the page are £70, and available in both the hot pink colour shown and a classic black. Me, I’d go for the bright pink every time – I mean, how often do you find a pair of bright pink pom pom shoes? Can you even imagine how much fun those would be wear? Honestly, I’d have them just to put on display, that’s how fabulous I think they are. I’d take the black pair too, actually, because the pom pom detail is the perfect way to add a touch of glam to a black sandal. While I’m here, I may as well also just take a pair of the gloves. Hey, maybe there IS a pom pom frenzy going on this season?

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