Mid-heel shoes: Pink patent pumps by Miu Miu

mid-heel shoes

pink mid-heel shoes

 Pink patent mid-heel shoes by Miu Miu, 395 EUR

Well, lookit this: ShoeperWoman featuring a pair of mid-height heels, for a change!

(Or…ARE they? These Miu Miu pumps have a 3.15″ stiletto on them. For me, that qualifies as a mid-height heel, as opposed to a low or high heel, but I’m aware that my addiction to skyscrapers has somewhat skewed my opinion on this matter. These days I find that if I wear shoes that are 4″ or less – or which don’t have a platform – they feel incredibly “low” to me, although some of my friends still wonder aloud how I can walk in them. I guess it’s all a matter of perspective/what you’re used to.)

Actually, you might want to get used to seeing lower heels around these parts: I’ll still always choose higher ones personally, but this summer is set to see a revival of 60s-influenced fashion. That means lots of mini-skirts and short, A-line dresses, and because a lot of people prefer to wear lower heels with shorter skirts (at least for everyday wear), we should hopefully see a few more lower-heeled shoes than usual, too. I know that will come as a welcome change for many of you, and while these Miu Miu pumps aren’t particularly 60s-style, they’re definitely a great example of mid-heel shoes done well.

Once again, Miu Miu have gone for the glitter sole that’s become their trademark. I love it with the soft pink upper, although I’d probably love these without it, too, because the cotton-candy colour is so pretty, and is a shade I can never seem to ignore in shoes. It’s also a shade I don’t actually own any shoes in, now I come to think of it: if only these could be the first!

That’s not going to happen for me, unfortunately, but it could well happen for you: these are available at My Theresa, if you want to give them a go.

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