Penny Loves Kenny ‘June’ ankle-bow wedges


Penny Loves Kenny ‘June’ ankle-bow wedges, £70.99

Raffia-soled summer wedges with a giant bow on the ankle? I’ll have a pair in every colour, thanks very much…

Oh yes, these come in other colours, too: there’s a black version with a pink bow, a white version with a black bow, and then this version, which has a gold upper and that dramatic, silver bow at the ankle. Mixed metallics used to be considered a fashion faux-pas – and some people would still consider it to be something you should never do – but I think these two colours work wonderfully well together: in fact, it’s by far my favourite of the three available colourways.

I probably don’t need to say too much more about these shoes: if you’re a regular reader, then my love of wedges has been well enough documented by now, so I’ll simply add that the bow detail on these really adds some wow factor to this style: not that it necessarily needs it!

What to wear with ankle bow wedges? 

I normally view wedges like this as a very casual style, but the colours on these reminded me of this ChicWish skirt, which I’d happened to see the day before, and I think they’d be perfect together:

what to wear with wedges

What to wear with ankle-bow wedges:

skirt // cardigan // bag

This is one of several skirts ChicWish have in this style at the moment, and each print is prettier than the one before, making it hard to know which one to choose. I think “all of them” would probably be the best answer to that question, but if that’s out of the question – and my bank balance tells me it IS – I think this sequin-print version is probably the one I’d go for. Of course, then I’d also need the shoes, but that goes without saying, doesn’t it?


  • I absolutely adore that skirt and if I hadn’t already spent my entire budget I’d buy it right away. I love the new feature of you adding outfit to the shoes, I think it has become my favorite thing about this site:)) You always find the best clothes. Happy Monday from Prague.

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