Paul Andrew Euphorbia Pumps

coral bow shoes

Paul Andrew ‘Euphorbia’, $845

Oh, these shoes! They’ve been on my “wanted” list for a couple of weeks now, but it’s a very wistful kind of  wanting, because at $845, there’s just not much chance of these ever being mine. It costs nothing to look – or to dream – though, and I’ve been doing a whole lot of both, lately: they’re the kind of shoes that you just want to STARE at, aren’t they?

The main attraction here is obviously that outside, asymmetric bow, which threads its way through a red leather loop, and falls gracefully to the side of the foot. The bow is SO oversized that it actually appears to brush the ground at its lowest point, so I’m guessing these won’t be the most hard-wearing shoes you’ll ever own, especially considering that the uppers are a ribbed faille, which looks beautiful, but won’t be nearly as resistant to stains and other wear as something like leather would be.

How to save these shoes?

Coral is a shade of red, and is almost as versatile as its brighter cousin, meaning it will work well with colours like black, navy, white, and anything else you’d wear with red, basically. I have a pair of Ted Baker shoes in this same coral/red colourway, and although it seems like a bit of an unusual combination, I’ve had some success in finding dresses which pick up the coral colour without being too overwhelming. You can see how I’ve worn this shade of shoes here, but here’s another outfit suggestion below, chosen mostly because I just really liked this dress:

what to wear with coral shoes

What to wear with coral shoes


(And yes, I totally matched the shoes with the bags. I know that’s very unfashionable amongst those who prefer their outfits to be “edgy”, but, well, I’ve never claimed to be either fashionable OR edgy, and the matchy-matchy look is just fine by me. Most of the time.

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