Patent double bow ballerina flats from Accessorize

Yesterday I said I wanted to get some pretty new ballet flats, and today I think I might have found the perfect pair from my favourite store to walk into for a “quick browse”, and walk out of with a significantly lighter wallet: Accessorize.

I adore the little double-bows on the front of these shoes: they’re just too cute, and the nude colour is exactly what I’m looking for, too. Sadly, they’re already sold out in my size online, so I may need to visit the store in person to see if they have any left. If you want to try your luck online, meanwhile, these are £25 and you can click here to buy them.


  • Love these. They look like potential heel shredders though, preventative measures would have to be taken!

  • Oh I might HAVE to get the nude ones. Accessorize use some kind of fictional exchange rate to come up with the euro price that makes them very expensive in Ireland in comparison to Sterling prices but it just so happens I’ll be in the UK next weekend…

    • >>”Accessorize use some kind of fictional exchange rate to come up with the euro price”<<

      Isn't it annoying? Their stuff is so much more expensive over here (Germany, that is).

  • Not in my size online and they don’t seem to come in a 3 anyway as the smallest size is a 4 (why?)
    Initial enthusiasm somewhat dampened. Boo

  • Oh my god, these turqouise ones are just perfect!! Why can’t this brand sell in Central Europe too? They remind me a little of Minnie the Mouse, but whatever, I just fell in love with them at the first sight.

  • These are just adorable, but I have to agree with Kirsty that they look too hard and plasticy to be comfortable. I could be wrong though – I think it would need a trip to the store to find out!

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