Office ‘Oblivion’ stripe platform heels

black and pink stripe platform shoes

Office ‘Oblivion’, £70

Loud enough for ‘ya? These are definitely loud enough for me: a little TOO loud, if the truth be told, which is interesting, because if the colours were black and white, rather than black and pink, I’d probably love them. Or, OK, maybe not: the platform sole is way too large for my current tastes regardless of the colour that decorates it, but even so, isn’t it amazing how much difference one little change can make to a shoe?

These are by Office, and if you like the shape, but don’t like the stripes, don’t worry, they also come in plain black and white. While the bock colours are distinctive enough, thanks to the almost 6″ stiletto heel, however, the stripe version is in a league all of its own. These shoes definitely aren’t for the faint-hearted (or those who’re scared of heights, come to think of it): they’ll always be the centre of attention, no matter what you choose to wear with them – there’s just no ignoring those bright pink stripes!

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