Bargain of the Week: Office’s Dolly Interbow 2 shoes on sale

office-dolly-interbow-2Office’s Dolly Interbow shoes are something of a legend here in Shoeperland: I know so many people who have a pair of these shoes in one of their many incarnations, and they all absolutely love them. With good reason, too: this is sich a cute, classic style, and it will work with so many differnt outfits that I have to admit, I was a little surprised to see them show up in the Office sale, with prices from £15 – £30, depending on which colour you go for.  Of course, as with so many good things in life, there has to be a catch, and, unsurprisingly, the catch here is that there aren’t a whole lot of sizes left in stock. To find out if yours is, take a look at the Office website.

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