New Shoes! Zara tan leather thigh-high boots

Well, as predicted, I wasn’t able to resist those Zara boots I wrote about last week. Actually, to be perfectly honest, I almost wasn’t able to resist quite a few pairs of boots in Zara, but the expression on Shoeperman’s face was enough to convince me that it might be prudent to wait until next pay day before I go back for more. I think he may also have blocked the Zara website from my computer, which wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing.

Speaking of Shoeperman, thanks go to him for making a contribution towards this purchase. I’m planning to wear them with a camel coat and chocolate coloured dress this Autumn: first, though, I gave to actually buy those things. (Oh, and needless to say, I’m also planning to wear them with a longer skirt: this one was purely for the purpose of illustration!)

These have technically already been worn, because the shoes I was wearing that day, which had previously always been perfectly comfortable, decided it was time to start torturing my feet: by the time I got to Zara I was in so much pain I ended up buying a pair of socks so I could put these on right away. I wore them for the rest of the day, and they were very comfortable, although I did feel pretty stupid walking around in thigh-high boots on such a gorgeous day. As you all know, though, the rules of the Shoe Challenge are “photos or it didn’t happen”, so that one doesn’t really count…


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