New Look blue and gold ballet flats

New Look ballet flats

Earlier this week I was extolling the virtues of New Looks £7 ballet flats, and now here I am showing you a pair which cost a “whopping” £15.99. Which, OK, is still very affordable, isn’t it? This is why New Look tends to be my go-to for flats: I don’t wear them often enough to spend a lot of money on them, and they always have such a huge collection of colours and styles that you can splash out on two or three of them, and still not spend very much.

These particular shoes appealed to me because they’re a slightly dressier flat than most, and the blue and gold colours look particularly nice together (these also come in coral and black). These are from the Wide Fit range at New Look: I don’t think I have particularly wide feet, but I’ve bought flats from this range in the past, and haven’t had an issues with them (I find my feet spread out more in flats, and sometimes leave me between sizes in them: the four will be too small, and the five too large, so a wide-fit size four is sometimes the answer), so I wouldn’t rule them out, even if you don’t normally shop in this section. (I actually try not to rule ANYTHING out when I’m shopping: you never really know what’s going to  work!)

Want a pair? Well, then, you better click here!


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