New Look black polka dot trim bow peeptoes

polka dot peep toe shoes

New Look black polka dot trim bow peeptoes, £24.99

I’m going to have to try really hard to pretend to myself that I haven’t seen these shoes. I know that’ll be difficult given that, well, here I am writing  about them on my blog. But really, the LAST thing I need is another pair of polka dot shoes. Even ones with a cute little bow on the front. Even ones that are only £24.99.

OK, tell you what: I’m just going to look away from these now, so I’m not led into temptation. I’ll leave these ones for the rest of you…

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  • I love them, but I’m kind of wishing they’ll appear in other colours than black. I feel like I have so many black shoes already. (and nude, and pink, but that’s an entirely different story)

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