Musa turquoise and crystal-studded leather sandals

Can you even imagine paying £235 for a pair of flip-flops, no matter how nice they were? I can’t, but then again, I can’t really imagine paying more than £20 for a pair of flip-flops, so I guess I’m just not part of the target market for these Musa sandals. Sure, they’re pretty, but for me flip-flops are the kind of summer-holiday shoe that always ends up looking slightly the worse for wear by the end of the vacation, with lots of sand, and scrapes and sun oil all over them, so they’re not exactly what I’d term an “investment” shoe. Still, there are apparently people in the world who would think nothing of dropping £235 on a pair of flip-flops, and if you’re one of them, you can buy them at Net-a-Porter. Personally, I’d rather have three pairs of shoes from Office, or Dune or wherever for the same price, but hey, different strokes shoes for different folks…


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