Moschino red peep toes with bow detail

I wish had provided a photo of these Moschino peep toes from the back: they look like they just might be wonderful, in a rather kitsch, 80’s fashion way, but the bow on the heel is the stand-out detail, and you just can’t see it properly because of the angle of the photo. There also looks like there’s an odd little elastic strap at the heel which I can’t quite see the use for, so another photo (or seeing them in real life) would help clear up that little mystery too.

Those points aside, the more I look at these shoes, the more I like them. The shape of the peep toe is particularly nice, and these have something of a fairytale feel to them – or maybe I’ve just been reading too many ‘Alice In Wonderland’ themed press releases lately. Also, look! Stripes on the insole! That does it for me…

If it does it for you, too, these are £195 at Yoox, with a range of sizes still available.


  • I absolutely see the point of the elastic. I have a pair of high heeled peep-toes where the bit over the toe is quite narrow. The problem is, the height of the heel pushes your foot forward so the back of the shoe becomes loose, which wouldn’t be much of an issue if the front of the shoe clung on to your foot more, and I think doesn’t because of the narrow bit. (Though I could be wrong.)

    Anyway, solution to the problem: put an elastic bit over the back. In fact I might even test this out…

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