Miu Miu gold glitter ballet flats

gold glitter ballet flats

Miu Miu ballet flats, 460 EUR

I’ve mentioned before that if I had a few hundred euros to spend on shoes, ballet flats definitely aren’t what I’d be coming home with.

I still think that: especially when the ballet flats in question are covered in gold glitter, and not exactly “practical”. (It’s true that practicality isn’t normally the first thing I think of when I’m shoe shopping, but it’s much more of a factor with flats, which I tend to wear only when heels aren’t an option…)

If they were to knock that last ‘0’ off the price tag, though – and, OK, maybe a little bit more, too – I just might be tempted by these. It’s not many brands that can prompt be to use the word “tempted” in the same post as “ballet flats”, but Miu Miu is definitely one of the ones who can. For me, it’s a temptation that has absolutely zero chance of ever being acted upon, but if you want to make these yours, you’ll find them at My Theresa.


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