Miss Selfridge ‘Sabrina’ pink brogue shoe boots

nude shoe boots

Miss Selfridge ‘Sabrina’ boots, £35

I’m currently in the market for a pair of nude/pink shoe boots, to wear with the various pairs of light-coloured cords I’ve been wearing so much lately. Yesterday, I thought I’d found them. Miss Selfridge’s ‘Sabrina’ boots aren’t quite perfect: they’re much more pink than they are nude, and I’ve never been very keen on shoes with laces. But they have a beautiful shape, they’re almost the right colour, and, best of all, they’re down to £35 in the sale.

So it figures this would happen:

I’m a size 4, just in case you’re wondering what the significance of this screenshot is. It figures mine would be the only size they DON’T have. My search continues…

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