Miss Selfridge ‘Darling’ tie leg ballet flats

I’ve featured lots of different ballet flats over the years, but I think these ones from Miss Selfridge have to be one of the more literal interpretations of the look. They combine a pink, suede-effect upper with a ribbon tie, designed to be criss-crossed around the ankles, ballerina style. These are super-sweet, and really appeal to the part of me which still wants to be a dancer when she grows up (Probably shouldn’t have given up those ballet classes then, huh, Shoeperwoman? Now you will never dance Swan Lake!), although I have a feeling that wearing them may result in a few too many people asking you if you’re on your way to dance class.

To avoid those questions, you can simply wear these with jeans or something similarly casual. Me, I’d be much too tempted to wear them with a a wrapover cardigan, a pair of black skinny jeans and my hair in a bun…

Want a pair? They’re £18, and you can click here to buy them.


  • Yeah, the ballet pink color is turning me off. I have a pair of flats with that type of ribbon, but they are silver. And I still get questions if they are real ballet shoes. Also, it is really hard to get them to lace up in that perfect criss cross fashion. Too loose and they fall to your ankles, too tight and they leave marks on your legs and threaten to cut off your circulation.

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