Mid height heels: Zara stripe combination shoes

mid height heels

Mid height heels: Zara stripe combination shoes, £39.99

I WAS going to hold off on showing you more pairs of stripe shoes for the time being, because I’ve featured quite a few of them lately, and I have a feeling I’ll be featuring a whole lot more of them before the summer is out. And possibly before it even arrives, if the current shoe selections are anything to go by.

Then I came across these stripe-front shoes at Zara, and honestly, they’re the kind of thing that just can’t be ignored, so here they are, in all their black and white glory! Now, in saying that they can’t be ignored, I have to confess that I’m cheating slightly with the image at the top of the page, because I think these are the kind of shoes that look much better from one particular angle. In this case, I absolutely LOVE the view from above, and if the rest of the shoe lived up to the promise of that photo, these would probably be in my virtual shopping bag as I write this.

Unfortunately, though, I’m not nearly as keen on the view from the side:

zara mid height heels

Now, don’t get me wrong: I do like these. I don’t love them, though, and while I’m happy to see a better selection of mid height heels in the stores (Lord knows, people have been asking for them for long enough!), I actually think these need a higher heel to make them as fabulous as they could be. Or a completely flat heel, even. Either of those would appeal to me more than this halfway-house of a stiletto, and although it’s not exactly “low” itself at just over 3″, I still think these could gain an extra inch and be all the better for it. I’d also lose the white tip, if possible: it’s not a deal-breaker, but it looks like a bandage to me, and I can’t get that image out of my head.

What do you think of these?

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