Melissa Skyscraper Westwood and Talking pumps

Now that my obsession with Melissa/Vivienne Westwood’s Lady Dragon shoes has been firmly established, I’ve started to flirt with the idea of trying out some of the other styles from the Melissa line. Because once you let those plastic shoes into your life, readers, things are never the same again. I know it sounds unlikely, but it’s true. (Just ask Roisin: I know she’ll back me up on this…)

I’m most interested in the Skyscraper Westwood pumps shown above, which are also part of the Vivienne Westwood collaboration. They’re red. They’re high. They’re still plastic, yes, but the uppers are flocked, so they don’t necessarily look like plastic (and honestly, it’s probably the most practical thing you can wear on your feet in a country where rain is a common feature, anyway.), and the shape is very “Vivienne”, don’t you think? It’s a little bit stylised, and a little bit like a toy shoe: but in a good way. (Yes, there is a good way for a shoe to look like a toy.)

I’m also rather taken with these:

This style is called ‘Talking‘, and it also has that red, flocked upper, although this time with a pointed toe, and a little, twisted bow. I actually first noticed these in cream:

I think these are adorable: they have such a sophisticated look for a jelly shoe, and, well, that little bow just does it for me. I also think these would be a much more stylish option than wellies on those days when it won’t stop raining and you have to walk to work. That would be one way to justify them, anyway.

What do you think of them? All three styles are available at Spartoo, and you can click here to buy them.


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