Mel by Melissa ‘Pop Heart’ flats

jelly shoes with red heart

Mel ‘Pop Heart’, £31.30

Remember these?

Well, they come in a flat version, too. And because I love the heels so much, I just had to show you them. Well, the heart is red in this case, rather than black, as it is on the heels. That completely justifies my decision to show you them again, as does the fact that, well, I’m a complete convert to Mel and their range of jelly shoes now. I love them, and have worn my Vivienne Westwood flats regularly since I got them: they’re the shoes I always turn to when I’m walking the dog on a wet day, working in the garden, or just going about my business on a damp day, when I don’t want to risk ruining any of my other shoes.

As much as I like my own flats, though, I’ll let you into a secret: I like these even more. I find the heart detail on these shoes (And on the Lady Dragons, for that matter) completely irresistible, and as these are just over £30, there’s no real need to even try to resist them either!

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  • I have issues with the plastic factor but goddamn they are cute! I suppose at that price I could buy a pair and not have to worry too much if I hate them.

    Probably won’t be an issue in Australia since I doubt I’ll be able to find them here anyway.

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