Matalan’s red ruffle shoes, revisited


Well, I bought the Matalan ruffle shoes. Of COURSE I did. I mean, you didn’t seriously think I’d continue to resist them, did you?

As predicted, these sold out online very quickly last week, so I was forced to actually visit the store in person to hunt them down. Luckily, though, there was no “hunting” involved, as my local branch had just had a new shoe delivery, so they had lots of pairs, in black and purple as well as in the bright red. Of course, it was the red shoes I was interested in, so it was the red ones I bought. I had to go up a size in these: the pointed toe meant that my usual size 4 was too small, so I had to go for the 5 instead. The size 5s are actually a little bit too big, but nothing that an insole or a pair of thick tights in the winter won’t be able to solve.


They have a concealed platform and a very high heel, so if you have trouble walking on heels, you may want to give these a miss…


This isn’t a great representation of the colour, but the pictures below are pretty accurate. They’re a more pinkish colour than shown in the Matalan product shots, but still a nice, rich colour.

Of course, the Louboutin-style ruffle is the stand-out feature of these shoes, and the reason they’ve been selling so well. The ruffles are detachable, though, and I actually think I’ll wear these much more often without it:


This is a much more wearable look, but still eye-catching. This gives you a better idea of the colour, too.



Overall, these definitely aren’t for everyone, but I’m happy with them for £18. And I’m really tempted to get them in black now, too…


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