Malibu stripe sandals by CJG for Topshop

CJG Malibu stripe sandals CJG Malibu stripe sandals

CJG Malibu stripe sandals

Malibu stripe sandals by CJG, £115

I’ve no idea how this happened, but having spent quite a bit of time admiring the new Chloe Jade Green shoe line for Topshop last week, I somehow managed to forget to blog about it, so now most of the shoes are sold out online. Whoops! The good news is that you should (hopefully) still be able to pick up some of these styles in store (or simply wait for the website to re-stock), and I think it would definitely be worth the effort in the case of these ‘Malibu’ stripe sandals.

I love these shoes, and not JUST because of the stripe uppers (Although I obviously love the stripes, too.  I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t, would I?). The shape is also spectacular, with that high heel, thick ankle strap, and wonderfully curvy sole. They’re very sexy sandals indeed, and the snake-print texture on the upper adds to that effect. I also really like the mint green soles – such a great touch, and one which makes me wish more shoe designers would add colours or prints to their soles, particularly on high-heeled styles, where the sole is visible a lot of the time. I mean, if it works for Christian Louboutin…

What to wear with Malibu stripe sandals?

I wanted to style these shoes with a fairly bold colour, and decided to go for this purple dress by Diane Von Furstenberg:

what to wear with Malibu stripe sandals

What to wear with Malibu stripe sandals:

dress // bag // necklace // bracelets // ring // nail polish 

Purple and pink is a colour combination I really like, although it’s not one that I tend to wear very often: must rectify that! Although purple can feel like a very wintry colour, I think the bright pop of pink helps lighten it up, and, of course, the stripe sandals do their bit too in that respect!

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