Lollipops ‘Lorrie’ striped pumps with bow

Striped shoes with bow on toe

I need just one word to describe these shoes: adorable.

Because I’m me, though, and my motto has always been to never use one word when I can use 200 instead (this is why I’m no longer in journalism), I’ll also say that these combine two of my favourite things – stripes and bows – and even add a little heart, just to make them even more more tempting. And OK, the heart is actually a logo, and visible logos are just Not My Thing, but I do appreciate the effort to make this one look pretty, at least.

(They’re also very similar to Kurt Geiger’s ‘Dancer’ pumps, which were one of my favourite styles of last year: these have a smaller bow, and it’s the same colour as the rest of the upper, but they’re still giving me a touch of Shoe Deja Vu.)

These would make nicer dress shoes now, but will also look good with jeans and sundresses in summer, with the blue and white stripes giving them a bit if a nautical feel. They’re £67.15, and you can click here to buy them at Sarenza.



  • They are really adorable! You know you’re not alone in “instead of one word, 200”. I’m facing problems because of this now! I try to explain things, and I tend to use so many words – apparently the wrong ones now! “Too many” (for some too many, for others just normal!) words not always appreciated… I like your “200 words”, so don’t worry, there’ll always be similar people!
    I would love to have these shoes now, but I’m trying not to buy shoes for the moment, otherwise I have to leave them behind, and I don’t want this!

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