Lola Ramona ‘Angie’ cream dotty bow peep toes

lola ramona

Lola Ramona ‘Angie’ cream dotty bow court shoes, £132.99

Lola Ramona is a brand that’s been on my radar for a while now, thanks to their cute n’ quirky approach to shoes. Many of their styles tend to have a very “girlie”, cutesy feel to them, very like the peep toes shown above, which are currently available at Spartoo, in a range of sizes. There’s a lot of dots, a lot of bows, and a lot of baby pinks and other, similarly bright colours. This particular cream and pink confection makes me think of ice cream, covered in sprinkles. They’re just THAT sweet, aren’t they?

Are they TOO sweet, though? Well, maybe just a little bit. In addition to the candy colours, Lola Ramona also tend to favour low(ish), chunky heels, and while the end effect is certainly sweet, it’s not exactly what you’d call “sophisticate”. That’s not a criticism, of course: there’s definitely room for both styles in the shoe world, but although I do think these shoes are super-cute, I also think that with a slightly more “grown up” silhouette (i,e, a higher heel and more streamlined shape), I’d probably be salivating over them right now, not to mention doing the “shopping basket dance” (you know, when you add something to your basket, then remove it, then re-add it, then remove it, then… Is it just me who does that?) while asking myself if I really NEED food this week, or whether the money could be better spent on a pair of shoes instead.

As it is, however, I’m going to leave these ones for the rest of you, and say that if you like these, the rest of the Lola Ramona collection might be worth a look too: there are lots more where these came from!

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