Lipstick suede court shoes by Dolce & Gabbana


Looks like Messrs Dolce & Gabbana are finding themselves inspired by faces, and particularly mouths, this season, because hot on the vertiginous heels of those suede face wedges I showed you earlier this week comes these lipstick courts. Which, as the name suggests, come with a lipstick attached to the toe. Well, it makes a change from a flower or a jewel, doesn’t it?

I have to admit that the beauty junkie in me did briefly experience a moment of excitement, wondering if the lipsticks were real ones. Having established that they’re not, though, I just think they ruin what would otherwise be a rather lovely pair of black suede court shoes.

Your thoughts?

Dolce & Gabbana lipstick suede court shoes, 440 euros


  • I think I would find them sexier if the heel was higher. Just seems to me that wearing lipstick on your shoe says things like, sexy, vixen, siren, etc., which makes me think of like a 6 inch heel or something.

  • In my world a court shoe is an athletic shoe. I’ve wondered for a long time what makes a pump a court shoe.

    • They’re called “court shoes” because they first became fashionable in the Royal courts of Europe. “Pump”is Amerian usuage, “court” is what we’d call them here in the UK. I’ve never heard athletic shoes being referred to as “court shoes”, but of course, I don’t live in America!

      • I’ve heard sneakers called court shoes, because of basketball, tennis, etc., being played on a ‘court’. Maybe that’s the usage that Lynette has heard as well. I live in the USA. When I started really getting into shoes (my bank account refers to that time in its life as the long dark years ;)), I read blogs from across the pond and realized that they are called court shoes, rather than the term ‘pumps’ that is more common here.

        • Just to make it all even more convoluted, the word “pump” in British English can also refer to a flat shoe (not a sneaker). I’m pretty sure this usage is getting more and more uncommon, though.

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