Kurt Geiger ‘Doll’ oversized bow flats

Kurt Geiger 'Doll' flats

Now, I’m not sure how practical these shoes would be: being the clumsy sort, I have visions of me either tripping over that bow and falling flat on my face (If I’m going to fall over my feet, I can guarantee I’ll be wearing flats when I do it) or just dragging it along the ground and ruining it. I also can’t say I’d rush out and buy them myself, because £120 is WAY more than I’m prepared to pay for a pair of flats.

Still, though, I wouldn’t be me if I was able to resist the sight of a giant bow on a shoe, and the fact that this one is attached to a flat rather than to a heel doesn’t make it any less attractive. In fact, if ever there was a shoe that said “Take me out partying: now!” this would be the one.

These are Kurt Geiger’s ‘Doll’ flats, and you can click here to buy them.


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