Kurt Geiger Carvela mid-heeled ‘Anna’ bow pumps

Carvela 'Anna' bow pumps

One of my biggest shoe obsessions of the moment is with Carvela’s ‘Assemble’ , with their fabulous double bow and very “ladylike” look. I know many of you are engaged in what feels like a never-ending search for pretty, mid-height heels, though, so here’s the lower version of those shoes, a.k.a Carvela ‘Anna’.

These have the same bow, and the same basic shape, but on a much lower heel. And I never thought I’d say this, because I tend to always go for high heels or flats, with nothing in between, but I really like these myself: the lower heel really lends itself to this shape, and gives them a bit of a 50s feel, which I, of course, thoroughly approve of.

While the silver upper is pretty amazing, though, if glitter isn’t your thing, there are lots of others to choose from. I like them in pink:

Carvela 'Anna'

but if that’s too boring for you, they also come in orange/red:

orange shoes

neon yellow:

yellow shoes

And purple:

purple shoes

For what might just be the first time ever, I’m starting to feel like a pair of mid-height heels might be a good addition to my shoe shelves. If you feel the same, you can click here to buy these at Kurt Geiger, where they’re £120.



  • These are so pretty… I love the silver glittery ones. I’m not entirely sold on the pointy toe, but aside from that they are lovely!

  • I’m in love with the Carvela Assemble! I’ve seen “Anna” before in nude/pink and liked them too, but I prefer the higher heel, and the mint green color. Although they are really cute in all 4 colors, and I just love their bow!

  • I don’t like them. I don’t know whether they just happened to photograph a huge size, or the pointy toe makes the shoes look that way, but they appear to be absolutely humongous, and not pretty at all. Also, they are what I imagine a wicked witch would choose to wear to look fashionable.

  • My friend has the white glitter Assembles as her wedding shoes. I wish I was getting married! I’ve tried on the Anna’s in pink a couple of times as I know I need to start buying more sensible shoes if I’m going to get wear out of them, but everything I do the higher heel of the Assemble steals my attention! I’m just all about the height, I can’t help it!!

  • Does anyone know where you can buy the white carvela assemble shoe. I’ve tried everywhere, and all out of stock. Anyone help pleasssssse.

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