KG by Kurt Geiger Hoshiko glitter wedges

Gone are the days when wedge heels were most often attached to casual, summery shoes. These ones by Kurt Geiger, for instance, most definitely want to party, and while the shoe they’re attached to is very evening-appropriate, in a champagne satin, it’s the heels themselves that are going to be getting all the attention.

It’s worth visiting the Kurt Geiger website and using the “zoom” function to get the full effect of these shoes. They’ve taken a sound beating from the glitter stick (which is a bit like a disco stick, only shinier), and have emerged looking extra special as a result. For me, they’re still the kind of shoes I’d need to see on a foot, because I’m not sure how huge my feet might look with all that glitter attached to them, but if you’re only interested in seeing them on your feet, and the sooner the better, I invite you to click here – you can buy them at Kurt Geiger for £160.


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