Kate Spade’s festive ‘Fiona’ flats with “giftwrap” bow


Well, no one could accuse Kate Spade of not getting into the Christmas spirit, could they?

As you know by now, I love bows and I love green, so technically, the combination of the two on the shoes at the far left of the image above should make me weak at the knees. Does it? Well, not so much, really. The bow in question looks just a little bit too much like gift-wrap to me, giving these the look of regular flats that someone’s stuck a bow on to give them as a gift. I do love the purple/pink and black/cream colour combinations, though (much more than the green, unusually enough), so maybe a slightly smaller bow would be all it would take to make me love them.

What do you think? Too much like “novelty shoes”, or perfect just the way they are?

Kate Spade ‘Fiona’ flats, $95


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