Kate Spade ‘Tee’ flats with golf ball

gold shoes

Kate Spade 'Tee' flats

Kate Spade ‘Tee’ flats, $238

There are “quirky” shoes, and then there are shoes with half a golf ball stuck to the toe. These are… shoes with half a golf ball stuck to the toe. Well, I guess there’s a first time for everything!

If you’re a big golf fan, you might well find these lots of fun, and a whimsical way to reference your hobby through your clothing choices. NOT being a golf fan, however, I’m filing them firmly under the category of  “novelty” shoes: they’re definitely interesting, but if I had to pick a pair of flats with a large embellishment on the toe, I’d be more likely to go for something a little more like this:

yellow flats

Kate Spade ‘Notion’ flats, $328

These are also by Kate Spade, and although I’d pick them over the golf shoes, they’re not quite my taste either. I love the bright colour and the embellishment, but personally, if I’m going to be wearing flats, I prefer them to be totally flat: tint little square heels like these always remind me of little old lady shoes, and feel a bit more frumpy than a more traditional ballet flat does.

What do you think of these two styles?

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