Kate Spade ‘Clarice’ peep toes

Kate Spade 'Clarice' pumps in blue pink high heel shoes by Kate Spade

Kate Spade ‘Clarice’, $325

I’m partial to a shoe that looks a little bit like it could be a beautifully wrapped gift, which is why I’m surprised it’s taken me this long to get round to showing you Kate Spade’s ‘Clarice’ pumps. I mean, that bow/rosette/whatever you want to call it would look just as at home on top of a parcel as it does on these peep toes, wouldn’t it?

(Aside: does anyone else always hear the name ‘Clarice’ spoken in Anthony Hokins’  ‘Silence of the Lambs’ voice, or is that just me?)

These are by Kate Spade, who can currently do no wrong as far as I’m concerned. These shoes are definitely all RIGHT: the bold colours and the curvy upper compliment the embellishment perfectly, and they’re so pretty you’ll just want to stare at them aaaaalll night. As well as the pink and blue versions shown here, these also come in white and ivory (presumably aimed at brides), with the ivory version also having a gold glitter heel.

Speaking of heels, these are 3.25″, which, although not exactly “low”, aren’t nearly as high as the stilettos we usually find on this style of shoe. That should make them easier to walk and dance in (the Zappos reviews seem to conform this), but without sacrificing any of that fabulous styke.

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  • Gorgeous! Kate Spade is doing everything right at the moment, as you say.

    And all I can think of is Anthony Hopkins sucking his teeth and saying, “Quid pro quo, Clarice” in that exceptionally creepy way.

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