Kate Spade ‘Charm’ glitter bow slingbacks

I told myself I’d try to go easy on the ol’ glitter-covered shoes for a few days at least, but it would appear that glitter is a hard habit to break, and so it is that I find myself drooling over these ‘Charm’ slingbacks, by Kate Spade.

I think these are a particularly pretty example of the glitter look, and they make me wish I had a more glamorous life, and actually had a need for them. Then again, I’ve always been a firm believer in the idea that even the most OTT shoe can be dressed down with a pair of jeans, so there is still hope. There’s just not $325, unfortunately, which means I’m not going to be able to put my theory to the test in this particular case.

If you can, however, just click here to buy them.


  • These are beautiful! I’ve been admiring them for a while, and I think they also came in a multi-coloured glitter version, although I’m not sure if the shoes were exactly the same. I think these are going on my wish list!

  • I feel you on the glitter obsession. I’m a sucker for anything sparkley. I was actually shocked today when I realized I only have one pair of glitter covered heels, a pair of Michael Antonio pointy toed pumps, and the glitter is very subtle. Practically unnoticeable unless there’s a light on them. I’ve been lusting after a few pairs for a long, long time but have been held back by lack of funds.

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