Jerome C. Rousseau 120mm suede open toe pumps

Shoes With Hooks on Heels
These shoes aren’t here because I think you’ll like them – I’m pretty sure you won’t, but you’ve surprised me before! – but simply for sheer novelty value. I think this is the first time I’ve seen shoes with this particular kind of “hook” detail on the heel, and I just can’t seem to shake my first impression of them, which was that they look like they’re designed to be hung up on the wall, like pieces or art… or maybe kitchen implements.
My second impression, meanwhile, was that I’d probably be able to do a LOT of damage in a pair of shoes with metal hooks on the heels: happily, the silver detailing turns out to be leather, which will hopefully be a little less dangerous, albeit no less strange looking.
Can you think of a reason you’d need these in your life? If you can, you need to know that they’re £449, and you can buy them at Louisa Via Roma: click here to order a pair.


  • I wish these were lower and cheaper.
    In fact I do like them. A lot. It has something futuristic yet elegant to it…

  • Maybe you are supposed to hang charms from the rings, and personalize your shoe experience that way? Were they mine (oh Great and Powerful Shoe Gods) I might do it anyway.

  • I think if the hooks were more consistent in their shape I’d like them a lot more… That being said, I think they’re kinda neat.

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