Irregular Choice red suede ‘Tea & Cakes’ bow shoes

Oh, my.

I have Roisin to blame thank for bringing these shoes to my attention. She thought I might like the combination of red suede upper and oversized bow, and all I can say to that is HELL TO THE YES. I love them, and found them almost too much to resist – in fact, only the £79.99 price tag managed to stop me.

These would look fabulous with tights and dresses, but equally good with jeans, and if that doesn’t convince you to buy them, well, I don’t know what will. Click here to do it.


  • Yay! My bad influence is spreading across the land 🙂 Do not fear Shoeperwoman, by the summer these babies will be on sale somewhere and I will be buying them and there will be happiness. And I will be pointing and saying “Look! Sale!” and Shoeperman will be shaking his head in despair at how naughty your readers are.

    • Lol! I’m trying to develop the patience to wait for sales: I always worry that the thing will sell out right away (which is often the case for me, unfortunately), but luckily that doesnt seem to be the case with IC – bless them and their huge amount of stock 🙂

      • Well it can be a risky strategy. There’s a Laura Ashley dress out there somewhere that sold out in my size before it got to sale, I check ebay for it all the time! Loads of places stock IC though and this looks like a popular style so I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if you saw them on amazon or similar for £29.99 in the summer. Not from IC themselves though, their sales are almost hilariously lame. I know that with these ones Aspire have them and at the moment they have a 10% off discount code, but it still makes it a bit of an ouchy price for suede shoes I won’t be able to wear until about May!

        • With dresses, etc, I can almost never wait for sales – my size ALWAYS seems to be the first to go, especially if it’s somewhere like ASOS, Topshop etc: they can sell out of sizes in a couple of days. This is one of my major bugbears right now, actually: I can remember a few years ago (OK, maybe a bit longer than that ;)), you could find something and then save up for it, or wait for the sale/your birthday/whatever. Now, though, it always feels like you’re in some kind of race, and if you don’t buy it rightthatverysecond, you’re going to be searching eBay for the rest of your life for it. Luckily shoes seem to sell a little slower: not sure if it’s more stock, or just the comparatively higher price, but I have more luck with sale shoes than I ever do with clothes. And yes, I seem to see loads of IC on Amazon for prices that never fail to amaze me given what they sell for in store, or even on eBay!

          • *nods* I took quite a liking to a blk dress Frankie from the Saturdays wore out with Wayne Bridge. Had it in my Topshop basket and then thought just wait a few days, see if you really want it. I log on the very next day and it’s sold out in all but one size and that wasn’t mine. *Screams* I got it instore (last 1) but lesson learned

            Had t

          • I tried on the black versions of these today. They are a thing of beauty – a really gorgeous, velvety black. I might even prefer the black to the red. They will be mine!

  • I know this is quite some time after your post but really need to try n track down a pair of these….. Any suggestions? Thanks

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