Irregular Choice red suede ‘Royal Marriage’ court shoes

red suede shoes by Irregular Choice

Irregular Choice is always very hit-and-miss for me, but lately I’ve been finding it more of the latter than the former. These ‘Royal Marriage’ court shoes, however, may just be able to turn things around. As you know, it’s hard to go wrong with a red shoe as far as I’m concerned, and I like the fan detail on the toe of these, which has just the right amount of sparkle and shine.

The shape of these is classic “IC”, and one of the things I do really appreciate about this brand is the fact that their heels are rarely skyscraper-height. Not that I have anything against skyscraper heels, of course (quite the contrary, in fact), but it’s always refreshing to find something a little lower, that still looks stylish. The gold colour of these ones provides a nice contrast to the red uppers, and the whimsical patterned soles always set Irregular Choice shoes apart.

These are £80: click here to buy them from Spartoo.


  • I too have a love-hate relationship with IC, because often their designs are really OTT, but these are just a little plain to me. Maybe I’d like them better if they weren’t IC, but for me they just miss a little ‘oomph’.

  • Well, as for me it’s the contrary, I love IC and I have at least 8 pairs of their shoes, if not more… I like this one, but I’m not used to that detail… but as you said, red shoes? Beautiful!

  • I have three pairs of the more practical IC shoes (or as practical as they get) and I absolutely love these, just wish they were a tiny, tiny bit higher. Probably best that they aren’t or my bank manager would be phoning me!

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