Important information about the Shoe Challenge over the next few weeks!

Hi everyone!

As it’s Christmas next weekend, and I’m planning to take some time off (and away from the computer!) I just wanted to let everyone know that the Shoe Challenge will be taking a brief hiatus for now, and the weekly roundups will resume in January.

Instead of sending me your photos over the next few weeks, I will put up an open post each Friday, as I did when I was on vacation this summer, and you’re welcome to post the links to your challenge posts in the comments. (UPDATE: I’ve added a plugin to the site which will allow you to upload your image in the comment section, which will hopefully make the open thread a little more appealing! You can see an example of how it’ll work in the comments of this post.) One thing to note about this, however: when I did this during the summer, I noticed that, instead of posting their links on the open posts, a lot of people simply saved them up, and sent the photos to me when the weekly roundups resumed, which meant that I came home to several weeks worth of photos, which I just didn’t have time to edit and upload, unfortunately.

To avoid that happening again, I just wanted to stress that the weekly roundups are for that week’s photos only, and I’m not able to accept backdated links or photos when the roundups resume. I’m really, really sorry about this: I know that the open posts aren’t ideal while I’m away, and I completely understand if you don’t want to contribute to them, but as I won’t be online much over the holiday period,  I’m hoping you’ll all bear with me over the next couple of weeks!

The good news is that Terry has been hard at work this week on a new section of the site which we’re hoping will allow you all to upload your own challenge photos, and do much more besides – more on that in the New Year, but suffice to say that this should hopefully be the last time we’ll have to resort to the link posts: fingers crossed, anyway!

(P.S. If you don’t have a blog, feel free to post your images on the Shoeperwoman Facebook page and link to that!)


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