If I were Kate Middleton, and I had to buy some bridal shoes…

… I’d head straight to Christian Louboutin and I’d buy myself these:

Or possibly these:

No, I’m just joking. I’d actually buy these:

What?! Who says a bride can’t wear spikes?

To be perfectly honest with you all, I have little to no interest in the Royal Wedding, other than a vague interest in seeing what Kate Middleton chooses to wear. I DO have an interest in shoes, though (obviously), and wedding shoes can be some of the most fantastic forms of footwear you’ll ever see. This totally wasn’t the case when I got married. No, back then (um, it was only four years ago, but four years is a long time in the world of shoes) my choices were limited to boring “dyeable” creations, all with low heels and square toes, as if to suggest that getting married means sacrificing style altogether. Most of the shoes I found were flat and clumpy: it was almost impossible to find anything with a heel higher than 3″, and while I know that many women don’t relish the thought of standing around all day in heels, “comfortable” doesn’t have to mean “frumpy”, and to a dedicated stiletto fan such as myself, the thought of getting married wearing shoes I wouldn’t normally wear to take the trash out made me want to give up altogether.

In the end I did find a pretty pair of shoes, but I was still gutted when, the very next year, I found absolutely gorgeous bridal shoes everywhere I looked. Shoes like this, for instance:


Or this:

(Aruna Seth)

Or how about these?

(Rupert Sanderson)

Or some Alexander McQueen?

And from the back:

Of course, even if these shoes HAD been available when I was getting married, I wouldn’t have been able to afford them. Luckily, the high street comes to the rescue:


(Badgley Mischka)


(Vivienne Westwood for Melissa)

Brides are basically spoiled for choice, aren’t they? Also: I want to get married again.

(Actually, if I did, I probably wouldn’t choose white shoes, or silver ones, or cream ones, or any of the traditional “wedding” colours. With a long dress you can wear anything you like. I’d probably go for bright red. Well, why not?)


  • OMG, this is too much shoe porn at this early hour (7:30am where I am). I love them all, but if it were me, I would get one of the Louboutins. A wedding already costs so much that adding a $1,000+ shoe to the mix is just a drop in the bucket, and, thus, makes a wedding the perfect time to splurge for high-street shoes!

  • I totally used my wedding to get kick ass shoes… I spent three times as much on my shoes than on my dress (short and non-traditional) in fact. The shoes were the most important part of what I worse (to me) actually. I bought Christian Louboutin multi glitter Ron Rons and I plan to wear them lots and lots in the future. I’d better get on and rescue them soon!
    Amber I totally agree on the CL Sexy – and I’m all for wearing a colour!

  • I’m definitely wearing Louboutins when I get married! Or some fantastic shoes πŸ™‚ When I see the kind of shoes most brides wear, it makes me really sad: boring, low heels and old-fashioned!

    PS: Why don’t you show a photo of your wedding shoes? I’d love to see them!

  • I always said that if I ever get married at all, I’d do it in a non-traditional knee length 50’s style dress and HOT PINK stilettos. But, if someone would decide to gift me those glitter Louboutins, I wouldn’t exactly complain. πŸ™‚

  • I would definitely choose the first Christian Louboutin pair! Every girl can feel like a princess in these…
    But, I liked the idea of wearing bright coloured shoes with a wedding dress. It would be something different.

  • Hi I’m new to your blog and was immediately drawn to the shoe theme. As a lifelong suffer of shoe addiction with no cure in sight I felt comfortable here with birds of a feather. Ok, to the comment…as someone who is eloping next month (don’t tell) I have been up to my a** in wedding shoe research and here are my findings: I 100% concur that the sparkly Loubies which I have seen everywhere) you have in the first picture are THE QUINTESSENTIAL wedding shoe, followed closely by anything from Valentino and a Badgley Mischka satiny confection in third! Just one gal’s opinion πŸ™‚

  • The top ones are my favourite. If I married I would definatly have high heels, comfort or not. If I wore huge ones for prom why go safe for my wedding πŸ˜›

  • My first marriage was in the early 90s, and let me tell you the shoe selection then was boring with a capital B.O.R.I.N.G! The chances of me having a second wedding are pretty slim, despite my constant badgering of Eccentric English Boyfriend, but if I did I would wear some beautiful shoes. And of course a non-white dress. Probably purple or red!

  • I’m getting married in 3 months and am looking for some bright red shoes, with maybe crystals on them! I want something fun! Any suggestions?!

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