H&M’s online store opens on September 16th: here are some of the shoes!

September has been a great month so far, shopping-wise at least: not only did Zara open its online store last week, but another of my favourite stores, H&M, is set to follow suit on September 16th. I may never have to leave the house again.

If, like me, however, you subscribe to the H&M newsletter, you’ll be able to access the site today, via the link H&M have emailed to their subscribers. Naturally, I went straight to the shoe section, and here’s just a few of the shoes that caught my eye, starting off with the suede and leather boots above, which seem like good value at £69.99.

Suede boots, £59.99

Classic court shoes, £14.99

(I’d wear all of these, but I think the red would have to be my favourite!)

Blue platform court shoes, £24.99

Ballet flats, £7.99


My local branch of H&M only ever has a few pairs of shoes in stock, so while I shop there fairly often, all of these shoes are new to me (although they may not be new to you if you frequent a store with a better shoe section) and I’ve already earmarked a couple as possible purchases. Mostly, though, I’m just pleased to see one of my favourite budget retailers trading online at long last!


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