H&M floral print ballet flats


H&M floral print ballet flats, £7.99

I could have shown you these H&M flats in any one of five different colours, but I started the day with a floral theme, so I may as well continue with it. Also, these are definitely the prettiest of the five, let’s be honest.

You can always count on H&M to provide you with a pair of cheap, functional ballet flats, can’t you? They almost always have at least a couple of different colours in stock, and they’re almost always under £10, too, which makes them a good little pick-me-up for those times when you don’t have a lot of extra money in the bank, but still feel like treating yourself. (They’re also a good choice for those times when you’re on vacation and your feet swell up in the heat, making all of the shoes you packed feel like instruments of torture. Trust one who knows.)

I had warm weather in mind when  put together this outfit to wear with these:

what to wear with floral print flats

What to wear with floral print flats:

dress // necklace // bag // bracelet

This dress is one of a few pastel coloured dresses I’ve been eyeing up at Dorothy Perkins this season: I’m really loving what I’ve seen of their spring collection so far and I especially like the fact that this dress has a high neckline – so many summer dresses go for a V or scoop neck, which just doesn’t work with my figure, so I always appreciate finding pieces that have a simple, clean cut, and a neckline that I won’t have to constantly yank up to avoid flashing my underwear. (Oh, and like so many other items of clothing right now, it’s also available in pale pink!) Add a couple of cute accessories (the necklace also comes in pink), and you have a simple-but-stylish look for a summer’s day.

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