Giuseppe Zanotti purple pointed pumps

Giuseppe Zanotti purple suede shoesGiuseppe Zanotti purple suede pumps, $550

These shoes are a bit of a departure for our old friend,Giuseppe Zanotti. There’s no platform. No crazy shape. The heel is only 4″ high, which may be high by many people’s standards, but is positively TINY compared to some of the 6″ wonders our man has been coming up with over the past few years.

While they’re lacking in some of those stand-out Zanotti features, however, these are definitely not lacking in style. That vibrant purple suede, for instance, would be a show-stopper on almost any shoe (I have a pair of peep toes in this colour, and they never fail to attract comments and stares): it’s a shade that’s beautiful to look at, and perfect for the autumn/winter season, so it always surprises me that we don’t see it used often on shoes. Bright it may be, but it’ll work with navy, black and grey for starters, not to mention lighter shades like cream or lilac.

Quite apart from the colour, however, these shoes also have a beautiful shape. I mentioned the height of the heel, but the width of it also adds to the overall effect of this shoe. It’s both shorter AND chunkier than the stilettos we’re seeing so much of at the moment, and it turns what would have been a “ladylike” pump into something slightly more contemporary looking, and with a bit more of an edge to it.

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