Gingham Shoes: Taylor Says ‘Melon’ platforms

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gingham shoes


Gingham Shoes: Taylor Says ‘Melon’ platform stilettos , $129.99

So far today I’ve shown you stripe shoes and I’ve shown you polka dot shoes: I figured I may as well make the summer shoe trinity complete by showing you my OTHER favourite print – gingham shoes!

There’s just nothing more summery than good ol’ gingham, is there? I already have two pairs of gingham shoes on my shelves (Not to mention a gingham skirt. And a dress. And, OK, a shirt. It’s possible I have a bit of a problem, now I come to think of it…) but there’s always room for more, especially when they’re as cute as these gingham platforms by Taylor Says. (Well, you can’t say I didn’t warn you about the number of shoes I’d probably be featuring by this brand, can you?)

These are as bright and breezy as a summer day, and although the shoe itself is simple, a print like this one doesn’t really need much to make it shine. Like the last pair of shoes I showed you from this brand, these have a 6″ heel, and a 1.5″ platform, and that’s my only tiny criticism: now that we’re finally starting to see a lot more non-platform styles on the shelves of our favourite stores, super-high platforms aren’t quite as fresh looking as they once were, and I know I’ve found myself gravitating away from them recently in favour of slightly lower heels. With that said, the look itself isn’t going anywhere just yet, and I think it really lends itself to this kind of statement-making style, so I’m more than happy to overlook it.

In addition to the red and blue colours shown above, these are also available in black, and are $129.99 at I’ll take all three, thanks very much. Well, you can never have too many pairs of gingham shoes, can you?

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  • I thought of you when I first got an email featuring Taylor Says shoes, and these pairs in particular!!!!!!! I really like these shoes, especially the watermelon sole. I prefer the blue, and like how it makes the red of the sole the stand out. 🙂 Sadly though, I am already quite tall so these kind of skyscraper heels would make me a giant!

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